Make segments

zb_segment(x = NULL, area = NULL, n_segments = 12, distance = NA)



Centre point. Should be an sf or sfc object containing one point, or a name of a city (which is looked up with OSM geocoding).


(optional) Area. Should be an sf or sfc object containing one (multi) polygon


(optional) Number of segments. The number of segments. Either one number which determines the number of segments applied to all circles, or a vector with a number for each circle (which should be a multiple of 4, see also the argument labeling). By default, the central circle is not segmented (see the argument segment_center).


Distance The distances between the circles. For the center circle, it is the distance between the center and the circle. If only one number is specified, distance_growth determines the increment at which the distances grow for the outer circles.


An `sf` data frame


zb_plot(zb_segment(london_c(), london_a()))